This is the official webpage of the European Eramus+ project about entrepreneurship

Agreement number: 2016-1-ES01-KA219-025279_3


Schools involved in the project


This project is meant to be a follow up of the work and results obtained in the previous project “Preventing dropping out: steps to success towards the European benchmarks”. Surveys conducted to families and students in five different countries showed the importance of methodology as a motivation tool to prevent students’ early leaving. Moreover, orientation and guidance were also considered to play a key role.


The schools which took part in the partnership consider that the work started in the previous project has not yet finished and that a further step should be taken in order to be able to work on the results obtained. Proposals which involve changes in methodology and in the orientation and guidance service could be implemented and we foresee they would undoubtedly help reducing the rate of students prone to leave the school system.


These proposals will be experimented in the subject of entrepreneurship which all the schools in the partnership consider, not only a cross-curricular area in their own syllabuses, but also one of the most motivating and innovative fields to be developed.


Eventually, the association aims to generate good practices which could be useful in every school taking part in the project. Getting to know what each country is doing in such an issue as entrepreneurship, how it is dealt with, what are the syllabuses of each country, what materials have already been developed, etc…. will be of great help to all the members of the association. It will undoubtedly be a starting point with the aim of generating a set of didactic material that could eventually be of use to the schools involved.


We also aim to reach those training centers in charge of unemployed young people. One of our aims is to help in the reduction of unemployment which in some of the countries of the association is currently a big problem.


Last, but not least, we also aim to create a network of teachers and school leaders that will survive after the project has arrived to its end. We do believe entrepreneurship is not only a subject to be taught, but also a way of behaving and of working. Definitely, an attitude we should transfer to our youngsters in Europe.



Academia Mercurii (Czech republic) – website

Stakliskiu gimnazija  (Lietuva) – website

INS Caparrella (Spain-Catalonia) – website


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